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As the architect of Oracle's Early Adopter Program for the HCM Digital Assistant our founder was closely engaged in every implementation of the product globally for the first 12 months following its release. We're now making that unique level of experience and expertise available to all customers.

If your organisation is planning to adopt ODA for SaaS, we can help you plot a smooth and rapid path to go-live, and support your team every step of the way to a successful outcome. We also offer a quick-start Live in Five package aimed at getting your organization live in five weeks or less.

For partners, we can provide a tailored training package to help you develop your ODA for SaaS Practice, and support you through your first implementation projects.

Applying Best Practice to HCM Skills

Top 3 Pre-Launch Tasks

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Oracle has one of the fastest databases in the industry. Regardless of organization size, all your business-critical reports should be running in minutes, not hours. If they're not, our proprietary optimization process may be applicable - delivering performance improvements of between 5x and 30x.

Stop keeping the team in over the weekend - optimize once, run fast forever.

Download the datasheet or see details of our 5x or Free offering.