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Ryan Patrick
Founder and Principal

I've been in the software industry for 25 years, with the early part of my career focusing on Artificial Intelligence. I studied AI at the Universities of Aberdeen, Illinois, and Tennessee. The most memorable part of my academic career was being able to contribute to the Human Genome Project at Oak Ridge National Labs. I worked on the neural networks that were being used to predict gene locations in sequenced DNA fragments, and also developed a visualization tool that allowed the predictions to be explored interactively. 

With the completion of the Human Genome Project I moved into Enterprise Software, working first for a small Systems Integrator in Tennessee, before moving to a Document Security startup in the UK where I ran the development team for seven years. A double acquisition then led me via Stellent to the start of my career with Oracle as a VP of Software Development.


In 2015 I transferred from running my former Stellent group within Oracle to the HCM Development Centre of Excellence. My initial focus here was on analytics, and specifically improving the performance of critical reports that have to be run on a tight schedule - payroll reports being the prime example. This strand of work continued throughout my time at Oracle and laid the foundation for a proprietary SQL optimization technique I have developed that now repeatedly delivers performance improvements of between 5x and 30x on some of the most complex reports.

In late 2018 my role within Oracle HCM was expanded to also include Emerging Technologies, with an initial focus on Digital Assistants. While our development team began work on defining and developing the HCM Digital Assistant, I spent 18 months working closely with the underlying Oracle Digital Assistant platform to prepare the CoE's Practice ready to support the release of the HCM Skills in late 2019. In parallel with the release I launched the Early Adopter Program and was closely engaged with every customer implementation globally throughout the first year, steering our clients to success and continuously evolving best practices and new solutions along the way. 

Below are some samples of what experts across the industry have to say about Ryan.  See more on LinkedIn.

"Ryan has the uniquely valuable combination of very deep understanding of new technology and of business strategy as well as strong communication skills. He saw and delivered solutions where others did not, and he multi-tasked with several big initiatives which were all 'top priority'. Ryan got big projects smoothly to successful results, with all the teams feeling positive."

- Neil Shea, Senior Director of Product Strategy, Oracle

"Ryan is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met. He always has a solution and he is always available. It’s a pleasure to work with him!"

- Teresa Marciano, Senior Consultant, Deloitte

"To be successful in Technology you need to be able to understand not only the technology but also the business value it brings. That is Ryan. He worked tirelessly with my small team and the technical development team within Oracle, bringing the right skills together and delivering beyond what we expected in a short period of time. Now we have a portfolio of successful customers."

- Debra Lilley, HCM Practice Lead, Accenture

"Ryan is acknowledged as a towering figure within his chosen field and is a delight to work with."

- Neville Varnham, Cloud Applications Technology Architect, Oracle

"What Ryan doesn't know about Oracle Digital Assistant ( ODA ) isn't worth knowing. His skills and capabilities are second to none"

- Andy McGhee, Senior Principal Product Advisor, Oracle

"Ryan has a unique combination of technical expertise, communication skills and the ability to build excellent client relationships. Not only is my client project a major success, they continue to praise the relationship that they have built with Ryan and how he guided them through the process."

- Christine Chriscoe, Account Sales Manager, Oracle